Sumter County Motorcycle Training

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Can-Am Spyder

All of our 3-Wheel motorcycles are brand new 2017 Can-Am Spyder's
Your learning experience will be enhanced and more enjoyable
and best of all, you can now take this course for only $50.00 but you 
better hurry, spaces are limited and going fast.
$50.00 When you go to and get your promo code or call 1-844-666-5584.
The 3WBRCU is a 3 day class, held onFriday Saturday and Sunday.
The class cost $199.99 but through Can-am BRP you can now take this course for only $50.00
This class will consist of classroom knowledge and on the range for actual riding, you will learn how to properly operate and ride your 3 Wheel motorcycle.
There are 10 riding exercises and 5 E-Val's, Once successfully completing these requirements you will be given your MSF Completion Card and now you can get your 3 Wheel motorcycle endorsement.

What Do I Need To Bring To Class?

Call 1-844-666-5584 first to get your Promo Code

You will need to bring long sleeve shirt, long pants, eye/sun glasses, full finger gloves, a DOT helmet, over the ankle boots and your Promo Code.
Please be advised that there is a no refund policy for the class, once you sign up you have reserved your space for that class.